A Letter To A Heartbreaker

Dear heartbreaker,
I heard that you’ve found a girl and you’re happy now.
Well, you dont deserve to be!
I never invited you but you barged into my life
I never wished for love but you were granted!
I let you see the parts of me that weren’t pretty but you left me broken!
I was helplessly helpless in my helpless helplessness!
I opened up to you but all you ever did was wreck me!
Who do you think you are?!
Running round leaving scars like a predator?
You threw us into the flames!
You cut me open and left me bleeding.
My heart, like a glass, shattered.
I want you to know that even if the stars and moon collide,
I never want you back into my life.
This is my goodbye!
P.s. I still love you badly!
Yours sincerely,


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