That’s today’s topic. I am sick of people, friends, fighting with each other for no reasonable reason. It’s pathetic! Ever seen a girlfight? It has always been a source of entertainment to me. Fine…I am a girl but sometimes when i see my fellow ladies in an argument, I feel like having a gender change. Some actually fight over lipstick. LIPSTICK!!! Dont get excited here now you males. Each gender has its own trouble but that is not the point. Breaking your friendship with your best friend because he took a picture with your girlfriend is senseless. Refusing to speak to your bestie because she said your crush looks hot is stupid.
I guess what i am trying to say is that we should value our relationships. Trust me, if you were on an island for five years with no friends, you would certainly value your friends. I mean, think about it. Someone who has stood by you through tough times deserves a veeery valid excuse before you can push them away. Heck, you dont even push your friends away.
Except if they killed your father or stole….lol. Friendships are the greatest things on the planet. Harry Potter couldnt have beaten Voldermort without Hermione and Ron’s help…and so many more. I guess what I mean is Value what you have before you lose it.


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