School girl

Today, as I sat in the car, returning from school, I saw so many things that made me wonder and things that tugged at my heart. I saw a tired worker who was not that happy to go home. She groaned when she saw the clock strike 4. She probably wanted to achieve more than she did. I also saw an unhappy man as he stood at the bus-stop, waiting for a “Keke Napep.” His face looked so withdrawn and sad because the day had ended the same way it started- He was still jobless.
As I saw this, I wondered if there were things…you know, better sceneries. I then saw a joyful toddler stagger into the waiting arms of her mother. She was so glad that her first day at a prison called school was over. I also saw a teacher who was soo happy to run into one of his old students. I saw an old man blessing a young girl from the depth of his heart because she helped him carry his heavy sack.
I then tried to come up with something smart to share with you guys but then I stopped. I realized that everybody lives with the hope thet things will get better. Sometimes they are already better but we dont know it because we are too concerned about what we dont have. Funny thing- you might never even have them until you make someone else’s day…


4 thoughts on “School girl

  1. I do that too sometimes. Just watch people and try to guess what they’re thinking from their expressions and all…lol..nice piece.

  2. i love this poem so much and the message it passes. You always seem to write your poems in a very simple way and yet communicate such strong messages.

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