Mother told me that the day a man touches me, I would get pregnant instantly. I could tell she was trying to mask her fears as she always kept a straight and bold face, looking ahead like she had no fears. She never knew that what she feared most was happening under her own roof …until now.

Uncle Jerome told me that the day I tell my mother about “our activities”, I would die almost instantly. I could tell he felt assured that I wouldnt say a word as he always looked at me with a threatening gaze, looking and glaring at me to say a word. He never expected what happened to him…even until now.

Lydia told me that the day of her wedding will be the greatest day of her life. I could tell she felt excited by the idea of marrying as a virgin as she had romantic ideas about love, chattering on and off about what she visualized her future husband as. She couldn’t have possibly discerned what happened…until now.

Uncle Jerome’s eyes were lust-filled as he finished “exercising” himself in me. The wiggling and the pushing was very painful. Of course it was, this was the third round. I closed my eyes, praying it would end, tears rushing down my face.

It did.

I heard the door creak open and a gasp.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Uncle Jerome’s hand around Lydia’s mouth, her body pressed against his. I couldnt hear his words but his hands started to trail up her thigh. His smelly mouth was pressed against her neck.

Ungrateful bastard.

After I had begged him not to touch her…Lydia began to cry. I felt the hot rage wash over me. Blinded by fury, I grabbed the knife he had brought along to threaten me and lunged.

Now, I feel peaceful.

Staring at the white-haired judge, I said “Guilty”.

And I felt no remorse.


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