A Christmas present

It’s highly refreshing and entertaining to listen to other voices- voices that don’t speak impeccable English but rather our own mother tongue.
I felt like “Kambili” in Purple Hibiscus as I watched my Aunty’s maids converse in Yoruba with their thick and heavy Nigerian accents.
My mother told me that, starting next year, we would start the tradition of giving each other gifts. I laughed. We are a typical Nigerian family, meaning it can’t work- the idea of giving gifts. Speaking of gifts, the Christmas spirit and the love shown generally are gifts to us on their own. Though we are always concerned about what we don’t have, the things that should be given our full concern and even thanks are the things WE HAVE!
But, of course, we are humans.
Walking into my dark and lonely apartment, thoughts of what I might get for Christmas comes to mind and as my mind busies itself, random thoughts pop in.
A love letter from a secret admirer.
A Gucci bag…or purse
A love letter.
A partridge in a pear tree.
A tr…
Okay, maybe just 3 or 4 thoughts. Kicking my shoes off, I wonder if people receive true love, packaged at their doorsteps as a gift… Maybe it doesn’t happen..
But…maybe Santa can make an exception for me. He doesn’t have to be a Calvin Klein model neither an Abercrombie and Fitch model, though they have washboard abs….
Anyway, wherever he is, whoever he is, that guy that is my “perfect match”, if he exists, It might be nice to let him know what I want for Christmas.
And it starts with a Y


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