Mills and Boons


“Love doesn’t exist.”

 My mother muttered when she thought I was asleep but I wasn’t. After all my whining, she reluctantly read Cinderella to me, my favorite bed-time story, her voice cracking at some point that particular night but then, I was too engrossed in the story to notice. Maybe she’s just tired, I thought to myself.

A month later, I was shipped off to my Aunt’s house. My parents got divorced and since neither of them could agree to let the other take me, my Aunt’s house was the best place to be. My Cinderella beliefs were shattered though I tried to convince myself that it didn’t exist but somewhere deep down, I was hoping, praying for a knight to come along, prove me wrong and sweep me off my feet.

Oh he did come! A few years down the line..

The typical Prince Charming was he. With smoothly combed blonde hair, charming blue eyes (Why do they always have blue eyes?) and a nice build. I fell in love instantly. My fears were thrown out of the window. Thank God my mother taught me well and I didn’t throw my virtue out too. I was still an innocent little thing then. Little did I know that Prince Charming was Prince Harming, a green snake in green grass. He had more than two other Cinderellas apart from me.

So from there, I put my emotions to sleep, no more love for me, becoming Sleeping Beauty, closed off from people and emotions. Cinderella went down the drain but that didn’t stop life from going on.

          Years later, I met Mr Egostical Jackass who was the total opposite of my former beliefs. Rough in an illicit way, rugged, mysterious. Ours was not a Disney fairytale but a Mills and Boons story. With jet black hair and alarming grey eyes, a defined chin and bad aura, he was too mysterious for my liking, arousing emotions that Cinderella never told me about. I was disgusted, irritated and annoyed at his ungentlemanly ways but..

It was a new experience.

His calloused hands always seem to light up every part it touched, leaving in its trail the feel of electricity. His eyes were calculative and would sometimes light up with thoughts that would make a virgin blush *cough*. His ways were dangerous but never failed to induce excitement. Don’t start on his lips…seriously, don’t. Plainly said, Jackass was like a hot feverish wave. There was something about the way his hands would grip my waist, how his breath caused pleasurable shudders and how his body aroused feelings kept under lock and key. Eventually, Jackass and I fell in love. We made it official.

I have 3 children for Jackass and not once have I regretted it so to hell with Cinderella, Hello Mills and Boons


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