sad girl

I have fun at school today.

Peggy and I share sweets on the playground and I see Jake. I love Jake. Jake love me too. Jake put his mouth on my own, Peggy say it’s kissing so I clean my mouth. He have cooties. Boys have cooties. My brother friend, Tony, he take me to one empty room and he put his hand where Grandmama say nobody should touch. I tell Tony but he smile and don’t answer. It hurt.

When I get home, I want to tell Mama but I see Mama and Uncle. Mama don’t wear cloth and Uncle’s thing…I see Uncle’s thing. It point up. He put it inside Mama. Mama and Uncle shake up and down. Mama see me and slap me and tell me not to tell Papa. I cry and promise Mama.

Papa come. My heart beat. Papa go to bed and I cannot tell Papa. Brother come too. He go to his room and Mama go to mall. Tony come again but he don’t put his hand. He put his mouth and his thing.

I don’t like it.

I’m afwaid.

I don’t like it at all.


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