The Bucket List

Me during exams...
Me during exams…

During my exams, I thought about a lot of things especially when I took breaks in between my reading. Each time I look at my pictures, I’m reminded of how time moves so fast. I’m not a patient person and I tend to want to do things immediately so I decided to write a bucket list ( I wanted to write a wishlist, a birthday wishlist but SOMEONE didn’t let me. I will eventually though). So when I picked my pen to write, I became confused. Several thoughts blah blah blah till I finally realized that there are various kinds of wish lists (Duh!). I’ll write just 3 kinds.

Realistic/Sweet/Good girl Bucket list
1. Learn Photography
2. Learn the piano
3. Learn how to sew (If she doesn’t)
4. Go on a roadtrip
5. Adopt a pet
6. Save a Human
7. Visit the orphanage
8. Be happy
9. Fall in love ( The list always ends with this)

That was fun..a bit corny. Here comes number 2

Idealistic/Bad/Aspiring Bad girl Bucket list
1. Get drunk in a church
2. Slap a police officer
3. Steal neighbour’s car
4. Go to the hottest club in town
5. Get a tattoo
6. Dye my hair red
7. Crash a stranger’s wedding and claim to be the groom’s baby momma
8. Smoke weed
9. Jump off a cliff

That was terrifying.. a bit. The whole essence of this is to make you ask yourself “What do I want to do before I die? What do I want to leave behind?” Life’s too short for crap and too long for boredom. For the third list, I combined features from both above and fine tuned them…sorta

Oreofe’s/Somewhere in the middle girl list
1. Learn Photography
2. Go on a road trip to nowhere in particular
3. Dye my hair burgundy
4. Crash a stranger’s wedding ONLY for the food (I can’t break a person’s “marriage”!!!)
5. Jump off a slightly steep cliff of about 5 inches ( I don’t think this will ever happen though)
6. Be happy
7. Learn the Piano
8. Go to..not a club..the most expensive restaurant in town..
9. Be myself

Whew! That went well. So do you think I’m a good girl or a bad girl??? I’d love to see your own list *winks*


6 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. I also have a bucket list!!!. Well, I’m actually not supposed to spill #secret tinz. Don’t roll your eyes at me yet. C’mon!. Here’s the deal though. I’ll tell you one. Number 4. So.

    4. Tell Oreofe she’s my woman crush. There.

    I’m actually not a fan of telling people nice things. Well, I’m not nice-_-. But then, I think you’re an amazing writer. Oreofe’s blog over soda:). Heyyy, I like soda jhur. Lol. Well done bebe.:*

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