Letters To Maami : Life in the city


Dear Maami,
How are you? I’ve missed you a lot o. I don’t know why you prefer me writing a letter but I am. My grammar is not yet perfect but my teacher said I’m a fast learner. It’s been 3 months since I left Kolejo. Thank you once again for allowing Aunty mi to bring me to the city for my senior secondary education. Things are very different in Lagos! I see different things everyday. Even in school. In my school, we don’t write notes o. We use one thing like that instead..they call it a tablet. It is flat like mirror and you can see your face on it too! It does plenty things.. I will bring it during Christmas. My school is very big and fine. There are so many teachers. We have a teacher for each subject. It’s so wonderful.
I already have friends, Maami. Toke is very shy and quiet. She’s a Christian too. Jessica is a rich man’s child. She’s nice too though she can be difficult sometimes. On my first day, they helped me to find a seat. They are both good people… and Olumide. He’s very very nice. I like the way he behaves, he’s very polite and kind. He doesn’t talk rubbish like other boys. Jessica said we have chemistry but I told her no, I don’t like Chemistry o.
Lagos is very big. Aunty Mi is a big lady. She took me to Ikeja for shopping.She says I need to look tush and prim as a girl. Jessica and Toke know Aunty Mi already and they even followed us. We met Segun there. He is a big boy with swagger and money. His Father is a senator. Jessica likes him but he kept looking at me.
I still remember all your words, Maami. I haven’t forgotten any of them.They are written in my heart. I promise to make you proud and one day, I’ll build a big house for you in the village and I’ll bring you to Lagos too. Use all your drugs and sleep well. Don’t worry about me. I love you Maami. Bye Bye.
Yours sincerely,


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