I met a girl by Cycatrx

I read this poem like five times and it still feels brand new. Tis not corny neither is it too sugary..this is from https://cycatrx.wordpress.com/2015/10/04/i-met-a-girl/..dunno what’s wrong with the reblog button..Enjoy

And so I met a girl
She blushes like the soul of the vanishing winter,
I cherish this
She tells me she likes me on one Sunday evening.
Does the moon appear bigger tonight or is it just
She hugs me. I’m reminded of forever.
She holds my hand and I just know I have to care
for her
She looks at me in a way that makes me timid. I
have to stop being shy. Gosh! I’m too old for
She drives me around in her coupe. Now I like
coupes and not sedans or SUVs anymore.
She giggles with my sisters. I wonder what this
She tells me she double likes me. It feels like a
double honours to me.
She says movies aren’t interesting except she’s
watching it with me. I totally agree. There’s been
a lot of boring movies on the movie box office
She stressed she says, stressed and hungry. The
day at work has been long and demanding she
says. And here I am, suddenly feeling stressed
and hungry too. I have to go cook her favourite
meal for the two of us.
She invites me for a family dinner. I’m timid but
then I eat and drink and I laugh with a family
that’s special.
She’s cooking something super special for lunch
today she says, Just for me she reiterates. It’s so
sad my friends won’t have a taste. Food so
delicious that I had to cry.
She tells me she’s afraid of so many things but
not anymore. She’s strong with me around. I
admit that I also get scared, worse still is that
i’m afraid of flying cockroaches.
She calls me at dawn, she says she want to pray
for me. I’m startled. I now know how to
recognise an angel.
She tell me she’s cold. I’m also cold. It’s been
raining wild animals these days. I rush to her
afterwards with a bowl of hot chocolate.
She tells me of a future. Years away from
tomorrow. She says i’m part of that future. I
have no doubt.
She says she loves me. I say it too cos I truly do.
I met a girl, and I love her


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