Letters To Maami : Coping in the city


Hello Maami,
It’s been quite a while. I hope you are doing well. How’s everybody in Kolejo? Maami, I’m fine so please, stop sending Baba Femi to visit me everyday. I’m adjusting well to the city life, I must tell you. After all, I’m in my final year of secondary school. Quite a lot has happened. I joined the school choir with Toke. Olumide is also in the choir as well as Segun, though Jessica said it’s because of me that he joined.

I’m confused, maami. This Segun boy has just been disturbing me and he said he likes me. I told Olumide, I know I shouldn’t have but he’s a really good person and he takes me to church every Sunday because most of the time, Aunty Mi is always tired. She said I should be calling her Lola now. Segun is always pressuring me and he even said he is the one for me.
Jessica says I should go out with him but I don’t really like him. He’s very touchy and I can’t tell Aunty Mi. Toke and Olumide said that he’s just being hormonal (Toke said that) and Olumide said he’s a player and that if he really likes me, he would not put me in any distress…Funny, Olumide sounded a bit agitated while saying that. Eventually, Segun abused me and called me an SU because I didn’t allow him to touch me. I didn’t mind…Olumide told me not to listen to him..He also whispered “you’re very pretty”.
I just want to be through with secondary school quick quick. I’ll work hard and pray also like Toke taught me. I promise to make you proud, Maami. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about me.

Yours sincerely,


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