Nature Power X DAWP feat Collins



I know I deserve stones right now but pleaseeeee forgive me! I swear I have actual excuses…which I won’t go into right???? Lol I’ve missed the blogosphere honezly..So many things have happened! Prince died!!! *wails*


But things are getting better…*scoffs* petrol is now 145…with God on our side..
Today’s edition of DAWP features my boo..Badewa Collins! He’s an upcoming fashion of my BeeHefHefs..the Nigerian Harvey Spectre…Round of applause please! I love his music taste and I’m sure you guys will too!

Badewa Collins

So let’s get to it!

1: Morning in america- Jon Bellion
2: Bacon- Nick Jonas
3: Chainsaw- Nick Jonas
4: Champagne problems- Meghan Trainor
5: Quiet- Troye Sivan
6; Swimming pool- Troye Sivan
7: Can’t stop the feeling- Justin Timberlake
8: iRobot- Jon Bellion
9: Buried in Detroit- Mike Posner
10: Bad decisions- Ariana Grande

Who’s loving Jon Bellion lately????
All Time Low
80’s films


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