Miss Beautiful


You feel insecure when you’ve run out of makeup
Your spots are on full display
Everybody can see it, you say
Are they really seeing you?
Do they really know you?

You change your outfit ten times to impress
Your fears won’t go no matter how hard you try to suppress
Because freedom comes from within
It gives you a new chance to begin

Miss Beautiful
Don’t you worry about what they say now
That pimple might be as huge as Kilimanjaro
That doesn’t stop you from being you
Every warrior has battle scars
It doesn’t stop them from fighting

Don’t listen to what Tom, Dick and Harry say
Their opinion shouldn’t stop you from being gay
Be witty
Be unusual
Be peculiar
Be what they don’t expect
If not, they will forget

Flaunt every imperfection
Because you have a destination
Smile through every tear
Because you’ll overcome every fear
It doesn’t matter what they say
What matters is who you are

Don’t open those pretty legs for him
He won’t make you feel insecure if he loves you
It doesn’t matter what size your breasts are
It’s going to give happiness to a child someday
Never hide and cower
Baby, you’re a beautiful flower

Let them give you a zero
Don’t you know every woman is a hero?
Stand tall
Because you’re a slayer
Forever and always
You slay


12 thoughts on “Miss Beautiful

  1. You’re a mind-blowing writer and you have a lot in front of you. You can do great things if you set your mind to it! I deeply believe in you… Keep writing oreofeoluwa!

  2. Wow, beautiful piece!!! U never stop amazing me Oreofe, this is amazing and you are amazing…proud of u…bestie…keep writing. XOXO.

  3. Who’s trying to steal you na?. I’m the best friend people!. And I’m the only one allowed to say, I really don’t love you cause you’re too talented 😭.

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