Happy Holiday X Perfection In Life

Happy Eid Mubarak. I hope I got that lol. Unfortunately I don’t know any Muslim in my area. Woulda gatecrashed the parry 🙌🙌🙌
I felt inspired to drop this here. I actually wrote this for a magazine and I hope they don’t mind me sharing…and editing.


Most Nigerian children are raised under pressure. There’s pressure from the parentals and words like “I was very obedient in my time” and “I used to take all the prizes home back then. Where did you get your brain? ” are very common. As a result, children grow up feeling inadequate especially if they were compared with their siblings growing up. They feel they are not enough and struggle with a lot of emotions, one of which is imperfection.

1. Nobody is perfect : Even if they compare you with Tunde from the other house, Tunde too is not perfect. Nobody is except God.

2. Accept your faults: The fact that you’re not good academically doesn’t mean you’re not good at sports. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses and accepting them takes you a step closer to finding yourself. This is also a mistake most religious people make. They refuse to accept the fact that acknowledging your faults is actually a step forward. It doesn’t make you a sinner.

3. Work on yourself : You also shouldn’t sit down and say “Well, I’m always going to suck at this “. Yes, you might be weak in a particular area,  work on it. Strive to be better. Don’t give up. Don’t intentionally go to places where you might be tempted to go stuff you wouldn’t normally do.

4. Ask for help : A lot of people think that they can do everything on their own. No way! This is not possible. If you’re having problems, ask for help.  Go to people who know better than you in a particular area.

5. You are already perfect : Guess you didn’t expect that uhn? Well, you are. What affects most of us are the images displayed by social media. For believers, You’ve been made perfect by Christ but that doesn’t stop you from continuous self improvement.

I hope y’all have a blessed week!



3 thoughts on “Happy Holiday X Perfection In Life

  1. I really don’t know which part of this piece I should compliment. The photo is great! The poem is awesome! And the write up is best!!! 🌹

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