Letters To Maami : The Final Episode


Dear Maami,
I’m a graduateeeee!!!! Well, technically, I’m just a school SAT holder but it’s something, right?
I hope you’re feeling better though. I understand your reason for not coming to my graduation party. You have to take it easy in that village. I loved the adire you sent through Baba Femi..I’ll sew a lovely gown with it.
       I have good news for you. Olumide and I won scholarships! I’m very excited because the UK is very beautiful and studying there is going to be an experience. I’ll start shopping soon. I really wasn’t expecting it. I’m so grateful. My teacher, the one that I thought hates me, came to me and said “You have a great future ahead of you” and left. Can you imagine??? Jessica is going to Babcock to study Computer Science and Toke will be in Ilorin, studying Pharmacy. Jessica has already started shopping. Funny girl she is. Aunty Mi is also pregnant..again! I don’t know if she’s happy about it but her husband seems to be and he’s been treating her like glass. The poor man is receiving insults from Aunty Mi Lola instead.
      Lately, my life has been very exciting and I’m just praying it’s not a dream that will end soon. I’ve changed a lot too. I’m no longer that small naive child..I think. Lagos has toughened to an extent at least. I’m leaving for the UK next month. I should come to Kolejo very soon. Oh..remember Segun? He got expelled o.. It was during our first term exams. It’s a very sad story and I really don’t want to go into it. Our graduation party was a blast and my friend, Kemi, said I’m now speaking like a Briton. How ironic is that???
     Maami, I know it’s your prayers that are helping me. I’m really grateful for everything that you’ve done..even the bitter agbo that you brought last Christmas for me. You’re the best. I’ll come visit you soon with plenty gist. Rest well o.

Yours sincerely,

Model : @ademikanre


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