Therapy Session

     My Grandma and I have this really cool thing going where we sit, I tell her about things bothering me and she would give me advice. I call them therapy sessions since my Grandma is really wise. All Grandmas are..though my Grandma behaves like a little kid mixed with Tiwa Savage. She lived abroad for more than 10 years which explains why she doesn’t really speak much Yoruba.
Today was no different. I sat down with my legs crossed, Indian style, while my Grandma watched me warily.
“I’m just tired of it, Grandma!”
Grandma snorted. “Aren’t we all? ”
“No, seriously. Sometimes I feel like I have an alter know. Sometimes I feel I must be good and sometimes I want to run wild! ” Grandma raised an eyebrow.
“Sounds like you need deliverance,  child. Should I worry?”
I rolled my eyes. She ENJOYS sarcasm.
“Did you ever feel like that? Caged and unable to do the things you wanted to do? ”
She twirls her glass of cocoa, probably pretending it was tequila.
“Hmm, I did want to sing in the village square back then but your great grandma wanted me to work on the farm. Silly woman.”
I laughed heartily. “That’s so cliche, Grandma. And become what? The beautiful girl with a sonorous voice that all the boys were pining for? ”
Grandma wagged her finger at me. “You should know…Miss I have a crush on Timi.”
My face grew hot. Grandma is the only one who knows about my crush. She had caught me eyeing him in church. She said I had the same expression she has on when she sees meat pie.
I sigh. “I wish I could lock up my mind. I always worry and I do everything with too much passion.” Grandma then smiled and her eyes gleamed.
“You get that from your Grandfather. He did everything with passion..including our bedroom—”
‘Eeeeeew, Grandma.”
She smiled naughtily. “I was going to say our bedroom shelf. You’re way to corrupt.”
I shudder, still not over it. She then places her cup down.
“Look, honey. You’re young. Whatever you’re going through is simply necessary in finding out who you are. Most of them are good traits but just be careful enough not to lose yourself. Dont be afraid to have fun and don’t be scared to discipline yourself either. ”
I tried to digest everything she had said.
“You don’t get it, do you? Think about this. Whenever you want to go out, you always try on different dresses, right?
I nodded with enthusiasm. “To find the perfect dress, yes.”
“It’s the same with life. You’re a teenager so you’ll definitely be doing a lot of experimenting..till you find who exactly you are. ”
“Ahhh I see now. So you don’t mind if I go for Bolu’s party, right? After all, I need to find myself.” I said, putting air quotes on the “find myself.”
My Grandma eyed me. “You definitely know how to twist words. Must have gotten that from your Charming father. Ask your mother.”
“But Grandma—-! ”
She then winked at me. I knew what that meant.
“So what are you getting me for my birthday? Something snazzy, I hope.”


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