TGIF : DAWP feat Benny Makachi

On this note, I would like us to give a moment’s silence for Hillary Clinton. Yes, she didn’t win but the dream will never die. She’s a model to young girls like me everywhere, making us believe that we can achieve anything we want to. Let’s face it, for coming so close to presidency, She is a force to be reckoned with.

Today’s playlist features Benny Makachi!

Benny Makachi

One of my friends introduced me to her blog and though I’m a silent reader (mostly on all fashion blogs because I feel like my comments will either be stupid or over-enthusiastic😂), I looove her style ♥♥♥. I’m definitely going to copy #copycat. I like that she looks very confident in whatever she’s wearing which, for me, is a lot.


So I asked Benny a few questions
Would you rather be a fast song or a slow song?
Benny : Hmm that’s a serious question. I’m an RnB head so I guess that automatically means slow. Again, depending on my mood, it could be fast or slow, so long as it is not noisy.

The one song that describes your life right now.
Benny : Shine your light by Asa


If you could pick a singer’s life, who would you be?
Benny : I love my life, thanks! Lol but if I were to pick a singer’s life based on outward appearance and style, I would say Rihanna. She’s totally killing it and she’s so successful.

She's the one with turban

She blogs here. So check her out!
Here are Benny’s top 10 songs
Stacy Barthe – Meanwhile
Bruno Mars -24k magic
Solange -Junie
Yuna ft Usher -Crush
Jilex -Afro lover
Falana – Chances
J.cole – Trouble
Burna boy -Maryjane
Mr eazi-Ohema
Stacy Barthe – You wonder why

For me, I have Adekunle Gold’s album on replay, which is weird because I like slow songs a lot.
So check out
The Gold album – Adekunle Gold
Jealous – Labrinth
Andra Day – Rise Up


16 thoughts on “TGIF : DAWP feat Benny Makachi

  1. Great Work.
    Nice Interview.
    Awesome Playlist.
    Must I say she’s a lover for those white sandals…Well half shoe,half sandal. Don’t know what you ladies call those.
    Its nice to know you’re taking the Dawp Interview outside the box…to someone I don’t know.
    Can judge her personality based on her playlist which is good for me.
    Two posts within 3 days…Keep ’em coming.
    Consistency is the Key.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed my interview, Oreleye had some cool questions for me. Yes, I love those sandals…super comfy yet stylish. I’d like to hear what you think of my personality. Meanwhile, you can get more hints by reading my blog and following my Instagram. Xx

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