Holla holla people! It’s a new week, a new dawn. Let’s go out this week with a positive attitude and a banging playlist. Trust me, music helps. Don’t be afraid to try new things either. Here’s a quote I really like.


Soooo, I got tagged! 😀💃💃 I was pretty excited, still am, cos well, I’m not sure I’ve been nominated for anything lol. Vincent, my new blogger friend, tagged me btw, check his blog out here. He nominated those I would have loved to nominate though 😭😭😭.
Here goes
What are you wearing? 

A hugeee brown tee and shorts.

Have you been in love? 

Hehe, yes o, with Lacasera until we broke up 😏

How tall are you? 

Honestly, I’m not even sure. I’m on the average size though..

How much do you weigh?

*covers face* I’m a tiny thing, probably somewhere between 40 and 50 kg. I eat though,it’s them genes broo

Any Tattoos?

I wish

Any Piercings?

My ears

OTP(One True Pairing) 

Hermione and Ron!!! That should be Rormione…?

Favorite Show?

Currently, Pitch. How To Get Away With Murder ties with that. 

Favorite Band? 

I’m not really a band person. Maroon 5 is really cool though.

Something You Miss? 

I miss the younger version of myself. The one that climbed orange trees and ran like a panther. I feel old 😏

 Favorite Song?

I refuse to pick!!! It won’t be fair to the thousands of babies (songs) out there, waiting to be found.

How Old are you? 

I’m veryyy old.

Zodiac Sign? 


Quality you look for in a partner? 

Hmm well, it’s too early to say buut he must be Godfearing. Someone who’s not shy to show how much he loves me…and should be funnier than me.

Favorite Quote? 

I talk too much. I’m not sure 😂😂

Favorite Actor?

Will Smith 

Favorite Colour? 

Sighs# I can’t decide between red or grey  

Loud or Soft Music?

Soft please. 

Where do you go when you are sad? 

Definitely my room or I stroll. Somewhere secluded

How long does it take you to shower?

I’m very fast o. Like 2 to 5 minutes max.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

It depends. If I have an outfit planned, within 10 minutes but if not, hehe I can use 10 hours.

Ever Being in a physical fight? 

Nah. Violence is never the answer.

Turn On? 

Oh lawddd..have a beard pleasee. Not those jakajaka tangled somethings. A correct one, well trimmed with a very nice voice and be WELL DRESSED. Intelligent and Mannered brother too. We can go and meet my mother after.

Turn Off?

Rough appearance. Bad talk.

Reason I joined YouTube? 

Was there even a reason? I just wanted to waste data and watch people sing.


Dying without affecting the world.

Last Thing That Made You Cry? 

A movie

Last Time You Said ‘I Love You’?

Errrr love as in “baby dont leave me, I love you” or “awwn girlfriend, I love you”? 

Meaning Behind your YouTube Channel/ Blog Name? 

Words. I love writing hence wordsmith. Black girl. Black wordsmith.

Last Book You Read? 

A random Nora Roberts book

The  Book You are Currently Reading?

Well, I’ve abandoned Wattpad for the main time. Good Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn

Last Show You Watched? 

America’s Got Talent

Last Person You Talked to?

My Mum

The relationship between the person you last texted

My friend

Favorite Food

Spaghetti and Fried Rice

Place You Want to Visit? 

Sweet sweet Rome. Greece, Paris and England.

Last Place You Were? 

My Mum’s room

Do You Have a Crush? 

My Mum might read this lol but No. Will you find me one?

Last Time You Kissed Someone?


Last Time You Were Insulted

Cheii in Church o. On Saturday. Saw a woman staring and I decided to greet and she goes “Is it me you’re bowing your head at?” Was I supposed to drop down and worship her while the service was going on? Izz nuh her fault.

Favorite Flavor of Sweet? 


What Instrument You Play? 

The guitar

Favorite Piece of Jewellery?

My necklaces

Last Sport You Played? 

Does Scrabble count?

Last Song You Sang? 

My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

Favorite  Chat Up Line? 

I don’t think I have one

Have You Ever Used It? 


Last Time You Hung Out With Someone

Some months back with my best friend.

 Who Should Answer These Questions?

Collins Badewa 😈, Benny Makachi, Afoma, Osaswrites, Grace Alex, Adediwura


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