Whatcha Doing?

Cause I’ll never be with you – James Blunt.


It’s weird how old things often inspire you especially old songs. My year has been going great so far and I’ve had way too much time on my hands..not that I mind though.

Reading – #sigh# I’ve made a resolution decision to read at least a book every month this year. So far, I haven’t had the time to go check out books but I will.

Music – Well, I’ve been listening to James Bay quite a lot ♥♥♥♥, a little something from Shawn Mendes, the Illuminate album (I wasn’t much of a fan before but now!!!! I’ve been converted, plus he’s cute😂). Jon Bellion also suddenly invaded my list. I’m not happy about that but well, I guess we all need fashiiioonnn. I’m not a big fan of Ed Sheeran but Thinking Out Loud was a hit back to back! His latest song though 😢😢😢

School – I’m resuming in a few weeks and I’m not prepared mehn. I’ll start though but my Mother doesn’t seem worried sooo..*dabs*

Fashion – I recently discovered DemureDenike and I lovee her styleee. Go check her out. She was on featured on Guardian with Chike (y’all remember The Voice rigggght?!)


Movies/series – I’m so sad I just discovered Skinny Girl In Transit. My bestfriend told me about it and I decided to check it out. I’m glaaad I did cos it’s amazing. I don’t want to over hype it though. Check it out on YouTube. If you’re a Nigerian, most especially Yoruba, you gon love it!

Beauty – I saw this facial scrub recipe. I haven’t tried it yet but who knows? One man’s meat na another man’s poison Coffee facial scrub

Life – So MMM is back 😂😂😂. People all around are so happy but I keep feeling something else might happen to MMM. Lol, I didn’t say anything o.

So y’all can hit me up in the comment box. Whatcha doing this January?
Sorry the post is short 🙈


11 thoughts on “Whatcha Doing?

  1. lol @ Tolu
    Iono ..I’m nuh just comfortable with that MMM thing.
    Ore prepare o .no short notice time
    You and fashion .God help you

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